COS3I stands for Collaborative Social Inclusion, Integration and Innovation. "Sustainocratic" is not about the old political economic reality, but about the basic human values ​​as articulated in the Global Health Agreement and the Wellness Continuum white paper. So it aims to ensure that our citizens live up to and protect core values.

For example, social inclusion in "health" is addressed proactively and preventively at different levels of health development:

  • Physical health through good food, a healthy lifestyle, good weather and exercise
  • Emotional health by focusing on positive involvement, dealing with negative stress in a collective, solution-oriented way.
  • Mental health by practising meaningful relationships and activities
  • Rational health through awareness and participatory learning processes
  • Proactive citizenship

COS3I, recreation, entertainment, social inclusion, leisure, productivity, etc. It focuses on building public participation locally by presenting environments offering specific activities.

It takes place on two levels:

1. Bringing together people with common interests thematically

For example, it is about making music, eating together, practising art, taking care of each other, gardening, etc. By forming workgroups, people who come together form circles and carry out the process in such a way that they can connect on 3 levels.

  • With hobby work to be done by volunteers
  • Through workshops, meetings, test projects, integrations, pioneering with semi-professional participants
  • Hold demonstrations, projects and collaborate with professional participants

2. Neighborhood-oriented participation programs.

Together with local authorities, neighbourhood buildings and the people who live here, we monitor their development by organizing activities with the residents of our neighbourhoods. With the circle method we use, we encourage people to participate thematically and make our neighbourhood with the residents a whole.