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The project named "(CUL)tural (IN)tegration (A)ctivates the (R)eunion of (Y)outh ", which was applied for with the Erasmus+ 2021 call year and deserved to be supported by the Dutch National Agency, is going to take place between the dates 21st – 30th March 2022.

The participants of the project will be 48 young people in total from the Netherlands, Turkey, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary and Lithuania.

With this project, which we will coordinate as the BDT Education Foundation, it is aimed to create an intercultural dialogue with 48 young people for 10 days.

During this time period, the participants are aimed to overcome the increase in introversion and exclusion, tolerate differences, increase socialization and solidarity, especially due to Covid19 by focusing on the European food culture.

We look forward to hosting such a meaningful event with the excitement of providing an unforgettable experience to our participants.