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  • Project Meeting with Participants Chase Your Dreams

The preparatory meeting for our project titled Chase Your Dreams, numbered 2023-2-NL02-KA152-YOU-000167674, was held. With the hard work of our project partners, the selection of our participants has been completed. As the project coordinator institution, an introduction and information meeting was held with all our selected participants. In this meeting, we conveyed all the contents and details of the project to our participants. 

- Project content and events

- How participants are involved in the selection process

- Participants' selection process details

- Project duration and event hours

- Project food and beverage services.

- Vegan, Vegetarian etc. Participant requests according to topics

- Transportation and support to the project accommodation and event area

- Travel supports and travel documents of project participants

- Social media sharing and ensuring Erasmus+ visibility

- Project rules within the scope of Erasmus+


Information was conveyed to all participants in the online meeting.