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  • Participatory Education Circle with BDT for Our Nature

As the BDT Education Foundation, we are forming our participatory education circle to form the education dimension of the AIREAS Project, which is handled by Jean-Paul Close on ecological awareness.

As well as AIREAS, there are some other projects like Pastorella, FRE2SH, COS3i supported by BDT to increase awareness regarding sustainocracy of life and nature. To strengthen all these steps we are taking to prevent our nature from being devastated, we are hoping to establish a dialogue with those who are willing to share their knowledge and practise in a cocreation atmosphere. Come and collaborate with us.

  • Would you like to join our participatory education circle and put your skills into action?
  • Do you need support at the point of sourcing and projecting your ideas?

BDT Education Foundation creates a participatory education circle for you and continues to provide space for you to participate proactively. If you want to take action for our nature, you can join our education circle and we can develop ecological awareness together.

Keep following us for details.

For any support request, you can reach us via e-mail or our social media accounts.