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Embark on a meaningful journey with us as we unfold the story of the "3 EN in Youth Work For Young Immigrants: Engage, Enable, and Encourage" Erasmus+ Training Course project.

 From November 27th to December 5th, youth workers from 8 European countries gathered in Eindhoven, Holland.

As we share this memorable occasion on YouTube, we invite you to explore how the "3 EN" values translate into action. This project isn't just about talking – it's about embodying our values to make a lasting impact on immigrant integration. From self-efficiency to collaboration and ensuring a safe and healthy environment, we're collectively taking steps towards a more inclusive future.

A Day Aligned with Values

In the heart of this project, we dedicated a special day on 3rd of December to welcoming six individuals who, years ago, took steps toward a new life in Holland. Their stories resonate with our values of self-efficiency, collaboration, and the importance of feeling safe and healthy in a new environment.

Practical Learning in Action

Before our special guests arrived, participants prepared special activities with our immigrant guests.Through practical sessions, they explored ways to engage, enable, and encourage young immigrants, ensuring a collaborative and safe environment.

A Visual Journey

Witness the highlights through our short film, capturing the essence of collaboration, self-efficiency, and the positive impact of connecting with nature. Interviews, shared experiences, and activities showcase the dedication to health, safety, and the well-being of young immigrants.

 Beyond the Project: Making a Lasting Impact

Join us in celebrating unity, understanding, and the positive changes that come when values guide our actions.

We would like to thank our participant Nina for making this beautiful film.

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