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The application form is available in three languages: Dutch, Turkish and English. To reach the application forms in these languages, simply change the language of this page from the top-right corner.

As BDT Education Foundation, we are hoping to experience your children with a remarkable summer school full of activities and free of charge at our Pastorella Nature Education Centre. With a 3-day summer school on 19th, 20th and 21st August, we aim to reach 8-15 ages. To register, you can reach the form by clicking here.

Pastorella Nature Education Centre is a project of BDT, aims to integrate nature education with ORFF Method based on BDT's target values such as health, safety, basic needs, regional self-sufficiency, and self-awareness. 

Please remember that you are also invited to the event to accompany your children. In the meantime, you can enjoy nature as well as having your lunch! (You are expected to bring your own lunch for you and your children)

We recommend that you choose clothes by considering various plants such as nettle. We hope to see you at Pastorella Summer School. Free coffee and tea are ready and waiting for you :)  

Our event will be held at the Pastorella Nature Education Center. Click for Location

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using our website or social media accounts.