Internship Mobility


The development of technology, easier access to information and globalization has increased competition in business. Those who want to be one step ahead in this competitive environment are preparing to make a difference with their internship programs abroad! Why not be among those who make a difference?


Internship programs abroad; It is a work process designed for those pursuing their secondary vocational and university education, recent graduates looking to gain work experience, and young professionals who have already entered the business world.


Since 2004, we provide national internship guidance to secondary vocational education in the following areas. Since 2014, we have been supporting secondary school and university students from different European countries every year with their job placement as Erasmus + trainees in the professional field. We contribute to the internationalization of companies with our support to the companies that our students work with under mentoring agreements. We support students in matters such as safety, housing, health and welfare. The internship areas we have served since 2014;


            ·  Patient and elderly care (health and art)

            ·  Gastronomy

            ·  Child development

            ·  Agriculture

            ·  Logistics

            ·  Informatics (software)

            ·  Furniture (Caravan)