Our institution carries out its activities in the Netherlands with expert academicians and teachers. Since 2000, it has provided thousands of training with the distance education portal and has been supporting Erasmus + course projects since 2014.


Our institution is a course provider defined by the European Commission. It has also established partnerships and provided course support to projects that have been awarded the "Best Practice" "Best Practice" award by the European Commission.


Our courses are given for at least 5, 7 and 10 days. Our institution provides course services in the Netherlands with expert academicians and certified expert trainers. Our course details are below;



1.    Digital Online courses (distance learning

2.    Digital Trainings (We have 27 special digital course programs)

3.    Using Distance Education Portal

4.    Inclusive Education

5.    STEM

6.    Augmented Reality

7.    Inclusive Education

8.    Flipped Classroom

9.    Game-Based Learning. Game-based learning and gamification theory

10. Let's use ICT in Teaching and Learning

11. Coaching strategies for schools

12. Coding: Robotic Pyhton and Ardunio

13. Language Courses (English, Dutch, German, French)

14. CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning

15. (ON) BREEKBAAR - Unbreakable Box: Social Innovation and Art

16. DOE / Democratic School

17. Coding: Ideenlab / Game Preparation

18. Laboratory for working and learning

19. Using Technology in your 21st-century classroom

20. Computational Thinking: How do coding, robots and drones affect learning?

21. Special education;

·            Support Focused Work

·            Drama Triangle

·            Grow Model

·            Methodical

·            Creative Environment

·            PECS

·            Studies on Autism Farm in Special Education, etc.

·            Participatory Education

·            Ecological Agriculture

·            Proactive Citizenship

·            Gestalt Training Method