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  • Call for Projects - Chase Your Dream 2-11 January 2024

Chase Your Dream is Erasmus+ youth mobility event is set to host 36 participants from 6 program countries with diverse backgrounds in this context. The aim is to foster intercultural dialogue and help young people find the right career development opportunities by working together. Career choice is a challenging issue faced by young people at an early age. They often struggle to determine the right profession, and even after selecting one, they may be uncertain if it is the right choice for them. To achieve success in their chosen careers, young people must be able to raise questions and receive answers. This is the general problem that our project searching for alternative solutions together with our partner organizations. Our objectives in the project is to;

- provide 36 participants with comprehensive information about different professions and career paths available to them.

- help 36 participants assess their current career stage and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

- foster a mindset that encourages informed career decision-making and personal growth among young people in partner communities.

- equipping 36 participants with motivation strategies that promote both short and long-term satisfaction in their chosen careers.

- raise awareness about the significance of non-formal and informal learning methods in achieving career success.

Don't miss out on this exciting event, and be part of the "Chase Your Dream " Erasmus+ youth project community.